Facilitating Connection to your Authentic Spirit Soul Self

Ala Iao-The Radiance Of Ancient Wisdom

Posted on August 30, 2010 by Paulo No Comments

Most of us living in Hawaii are aware of the cultural respect for nature and its elements, but practices regarding personal and spiritual development remain somewhat secretive. Hawaiian elders, Kahunas, are the keepers of this ancient wisdom sharing glimpses with select few. The Big Island in particular is known for its attention to ancient healing practices, some of which are quite mystical.

These artful ancient techniques provide threads with which we can weave tapestries of self awareness and love. Hawaiian philosophy maintains that acknowledging and freeing the spirit within is essential to personal evolvement. Ala Iao, which means Spirit Self, is a contemporary healing modality based on ancient Hawaiian, Eastern and other Ancient teachings.
The Ala Iao process begins with affirmative prayer, including acknowledging Spirit within, Spirit connection, intention, limitless possibility, and the willingness to release negativity. A gemstone ritual follows to aid the practitioner and participant in working together to achieve desired results.

The Hawaiian art of Ho`oponopono is then used to establish deeper awareness. Ho`oponopono releases toxic energies and assists in opening to the impact of divine thoughts, words and actions. Ho’oponopono oracle cards access messages from the mana’o (mind), pu’uwai (heart), na’au (gut), and ‘uhane (ancestors), addressing qualities such as forgiveness, self-empowerment, trust, and ultimately, connection to the Spirit Self.

The session closes with a shared meditation and healing work in Karuna Reiki to incorporate sound and energy work to integrate the intended transformative shift. Ala Iao offers an active process for creating change by working with several ancient indigenous techniques all focused on a single vision. This brings your soul into alignment with Spirit in a fun and interactive way, to create more of your authentic self.

Paul Jerome aka Paulo, developed Ala Iao after studying with Hawaiian elders (Kahunas) for over 20 years on the Big Island, Hawaii, and for the last 8 years on Maui. As a licensed minister Paulo was holding sacred space for ceremonies and blessings and acting as an intuitive and spiritual adviser. Now he divides his time between Thailand and Hawaii.

Paulo has traveled extensively in Bali, Tahiti, and the Philippines, thus infusing and embracing an enthusiasm, inspiration, and love presence for your healing session as a light worker.