Paul Jerome Rambo

Metaphysician, Healer, Spiritual Facilitator
Intuitive Ho’oponopono Counseling, Karuna Reiki Master

At an early age, Paul was given the gift of seeing and experiencing other dimensions. When he was young he was not sure how to process what he was experiencing. As he got older, he began to sense and feel love and joy on deeper levels. It is from this reality that gave Paul his desire to seek spiritual and meaningful aspects to his life. This brought him into a life of metaphysics and spiritual truths.

Paul Jerome began his healing touch at the age of 10 when his mom Lois would ask him to massage and lay hands on her shoulders, where she would then feel a healing after a short time. This birthed a desire in Paul to lay hands on people and animals in need of healing.

Paul’s career spans 30 years and includes completing his acupressure Jin Shin Do with the Tea Gardens in 1976, and receiving his massage license in 1978 from the Santa Monica School of Massage. He then moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1982 to study medical massage at the East-West Clinic with Dr. Jeffrey Dann where for 8 years he was immersed in combining acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic care for holistic treatments. It is also here that Paul met and worked with famous clairvoyant and psychic Iellen Charlton for 3 years, which further developed his intuitive gifts.

Paul has also worked closely with many respected Kahuna’s (healers) in Hawaii who are considered natural Hawaiian treasures. His good fortune was working with Morna Simeone and her Ho’oponopono teachings, Margaret Machaado and her wisdom of Lomi Lomi massage, Pa Pa K and his power of Pule (prayer), and Aunty Mealani’s Ho’oponopono readings. Paul credits all of his teachers for inspiring him to create his own healing modality called Ila Iao which draws upon all that he has learned, thus imparting more joy, spontaneity, creativity, love, and discovery of one’s authentic self.

From 1992 to 2000 Paul Jerome was the principle instructor and administrative assistant at the Big Island Academy of Massage. In 1999 Paul became a Karuna Reiki Master and teacher, which he uses in his Ila Iao practice. Additionally, Paul had a very unique experience where a Dr.Klein contacted his teacher to mention that he found a sign in his office’s attic was approximately 75 years old or older. The faded sign read: massage. sauna. steam, reiki. As it turned out, the office was the home of Mrs. Takata, the women who brought reiki to Hawaii and the West. He was then invited by his teacher and Dr. Klein to meditate in Mrs. Takata’s house. In this setting he experienced her Spirit coming to him. Photos were taken of this experience and a glow of white light in the shape of a ball illuminated around everyone’s head. Paul believes that living and working in Hilo for 20 years with Mrs. Takata’s spiritual presence assisting him to be one of the most inspirational and enriching times of his career. To this day, Paul calls Mrs. Takata his spiritual guide. In 2000 he discovered that one of his longest and oldest clients, Mrs. Kobiyashi, used to go to Mrs. Takata regularly when she was a little girl – she now is 90 years of age.

Paul aka Paulo (Hawaiian Name) has spent over thirty years embracing Hawaiian and other indigenous cultures. Now residing in Thailand the

Paulo Hawaiian chanting at the vow renewal of Dr. Michael Beckwith and wife Rickii Byers-Beckwith. Also present Rev. Mary Omwake of Unity Spiritual Center, Maui, Hawaii.

Paulo Hawaiian chanting at the vow renewal of Dr. Michael Beckwith and wife Rickii Byers-Beckwith. Also present Rev. Mary Omwake of Unity Spiritual Center, Maui, Hawaii.

majority of the year and three months in Hawaii, he continues to evolve in all aspects of his spiritual healing work. Paulo has spent valuable and private time for over ten years with Michael Beckwith of the renown movie “The Secret and the Agape Centre for Spiritual Truth” and his wife Ricki Beyers-Beckwith, of the international and worldly acclaimed Agape Choir in the USA.

Paulo credits the Dali Lama and Dr. Beckwith as a source of inspiration and guidance in his life.