Paulo Rambo Testimonials

Paul Rambo is a long time friend of mine and I have seen him grow in his life’s work over time. He is also one of the principal wedding ministers for my wedding company in Maui, Hawaii.

His intuitive sense and the depth of his soulful prayer and understanding of Hawaiian cultural and healing practices is a gift to all.

– Fay Hovey, Aloha Maui Weddings 


  • Francesco Berre says:

    I had a true blessing knowing Paul as a celebrant in Koh Samui. He made my wedding unforgettable and special, raising the spiritual vibrations of the moment at a very high level. After the pre-wedding meeting I felt a deeper connections with his words and I felt like I want to experience his wisdom and knowledge of human spirituality. I was raised catholic but I was never really sure about the Church teaching. I was empty, understanding that there was something bigger than us something that I couldn’t understand and that I didn’t know where to look. I decided to ask Paul help. Because I live in China (Dongguan) we set up weekly skype conversation, but I would define more as special moments (some of those extremely emotional). He guided me through the spiritual laws of nature making me discover my spirituality, making me look inside myself to find the wisdom, the strength, the compassion, the desire of living the life at his highest meaning. He has been part of my journey and I am sure I will keep working with him to empower my spirit, raising awareness and attention to myself and to the people around me. I have learned many tools to help my everyday life, release my anxiety and stress from work situations, handle the conflict with other people and how imlortant to be grateful to everyone in this planet. There will be much more to write about my experience, but I am sure that Paul can be helpful to many other human beings like me that want to discover their res spiritually and want to tremendously improve their life. I will be grateful forever brother. Love and blessing

    • Paulo says:

      Its a honor to call you now a part of my “Ohana” (family). Your ability to be open and have your awareness uplifted through meditation, visualization, Ho’oponopono and Pule ( affirmative/ mystic prayer) has given you the tools to touch your soulful self. I feel our bond is sacred and as friends and brothers we will continue to expand in living life passionately and with joy. Mahalo for your kind and wonderful sharing of your experiences.
      Aloha and Blesssing
      Sawasdee Krub

  • Francesco and Irina says:

    Me and my wife have been blessed to have a session with Paulo, he is such an amazing human being. He shared with us his spiritual knowledge and the ancient Ho’oponopono process which made the time spent with him unforgettable and magical. He gave us some tools we can use in everyday’s life to be connect with our soul and find our path. We look forward to go back to Samui to visit him again! Thanks a lot
    With love

    Francesco and Irina – Italy, Russia living in China

    • Paulo says:

      I was truly blessed to be with you both. I usually work one on one in my sessions. So to work with you both as a couple and individuals as well gave me a whole new and rewarding exsperience. My insight and my intuitive self came through in such a unique and high vibration, that you both had a healing effect on me as well.It was a honor as well to be your Celebrant on your wedding day. I look forward to our paths crossing again.

  • Wouter van Ballegooij says:

    Dear Paolo,

    Thank you for the session we had today on Koh Samui. You are a kind and humble teacher of the ho’oponopono process also applying your healing and intuitive powers to guide me on my spiritual path.

    I hope many people will find you and benefit from your work.

    Hope our path will cross again in the future

    Mahalo nui loa, Wouter
    Originally from Holland, living in Belgium

  • Cristina Rodenbeck says:

    Once again I had my healing session with Paulo and really enjoyed it. In fact it’s my third session with him when I come to The Spa Samui for my annual detox. I feel that in each session he helps me consolidate the previous teachings and continuously support me lay the building blocks of my spiritual journey. I now have a few more important rituals in place to ensure my protection and guidance be at work or for personal life. Thank you so much for your guidance and caring!! Cristina (Brazil)

    • Paulo says:

      Dear Christina, just got through some very technical mishaps with my web site. So now balanced and Happy. Your gracious words touch my heart.Am always delighted to be in your presence. Alohaahuiho

  • Eunice Okelve says:

    I attended a one to one session with Paulo today and I am so glad I just decided to ‘do it’ even though I was slightly sceptical. WOW….. what a session, for the first time in a long time I actually believe that I can actively start and more importantly understand this spiritual journey. Something just clicked today. Paulo has a no nonsense approach and real life experiences, his teachings are very simplistic, and thereby understandable, practical, real and can fit into the busiest of schedules which is why this will work not only while I am on holiday but when I get back to my manic life in London. I left the session feeling uplifted and inspired and with a ‘can do’ attitude.
    I can truly say it was a great honour and pleasure to have met you Paulo.
    Lots of hugs, Eunice.

    • Paulo says:

      So sorry for my delay in response time. Computer mmishaps.
      You were a delight to work with.I send you a warm Mahalo for your kind words towards your and mine personal growth.
      Much Aloha and Love.

  • Simon says:

    I had a session 3 weeks ago with Paulo. Since then so many great things had happened with me and my life has changed on the very positive way. I take Paulo advice and i practicing day by day.
    Thank you to helped me to get back on the right track.

    • Paulo says:

      Simone it was a pleasure to work with your kind and open heart. You were able to receive the teaching of wisdom easy and effortlessly. I appreciate you willingness to go deep into spirit. Aloha for now.

  • Jacklyn says:

    🙂 Paulo, thank you so very much for our session. You are the real deal, living the life you teach about. The connections I made during our session with my ancestors are a blessings I now have for the rest of my life. You helped me become more grounded and connected within myself. Now I have more trust in the universe and more peace on my spiritual path. The tools and daily practices you gave to me are so valuable. Thank you for following your spiritual path and helping others do the same 🙂 I would encourage anyone considering a session with you to go for it. Opportunities like this are divine. Aloha with all my heart.

  • baljit says:

    A friend suggested I attend a full day session with Paulo in a small group. I had not heard of Paulo before this.
    But something in me stirred, and I feel I was called upon by my higher power to attend the session.

    Here is a master motivator and inspirer. His methods and techniques, his knowledge and wisdom and his kindness and compassion have set me on a journey of self-discovery that I am thoroughly enjoying. Within a day my life improved with so much joy and love.
    Thank you Paulo, for your gentleness and kindness and for setting me on this path. God bless you.

    • Paulo says:

      The sweetness I fealt and the support for the group for my first workshop in Kula Lumpar Malaysia was so empowering for me and my growth as a techer and healer. Mahalo for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your wonderful culture and the wonderful exsperience of sharing with you. As a Doctor of Medicine my desire is that you can share your insight from the workshop to your patients. Many Blessings of Aloha

  • Tina says:

    I am so grateful and happy, Paolo, that we both have met. It is amazing how easily and smoothly life has been changing since we have met. Day by day….All the techniques you taught me, perfectly fit into my spiritual life. I am curious and excited about my new path. Each day is such a joy….playing and exploring my new tools 🙂
    I can highly recommend your professional work!!!! In love, Tina

    • Paulo says:

      Tina so sorry for the long delay. No excuse other than my tech skills do not draw me to spend time at my site. Yet am grateful for your well wishes and your insight. You are a gem and am honored to have shared a positive exsperience in your life. Aloha A Hui Hou and Sawasdee Kraub

  • Paulo says:

    This is an e-mail message from Jacqui, Australia sent to me.

    i just would like to express my eternal thanks for a very special spiritual healing time i had with you this march 2014 its an ongoing healing for me my journey gets easier and stronger i wish I can see you sometime next year 2015 thank you one more time for openeing a new door in my spiritual journey amazing time with you much love jacque from gold coast australia

  • Laurie says:

    My recent session with Paulo was filled with both insight and inspiration. Drawing from many ancient traditions, a unique combination of methods allowed our time to unfold in a very individualized fashion. The safe and sacred space along with Paulo’s easy going, down to earth presence, created an environment where I felt comfortable to explore whatever came up.

    Paulo shares his gifts and knowledge with a kind and tender heart. He is also very generous with his time. He spent time prior to our appointment in meditation and his manner during the session was unhurried, relaxed and present until complete. The passion he has for his work is genuine and apparent. I left with many practical tools to incorporate into my life as well as a loving acceptance for the divine self that I am. I have deep gratitude for our experience together.


    • Paulo says:

      woops i forgot to write a reply i keep forgetting this yet know we are connected and will continue to work together to create a brighter world. It is real and the vibration and delight you carry was quite easy to work and tech with. May we continue to move towards a revalation of spiritual truths and growths. much love and aloha

  • Cristina says:

    I can only thank Paulo for the powerful session I had with him. I have been stuck with an issue for 7 years and Paulo helped me confront my problem head on, discuss options, and clarify the way forward in a way I have never experienced before. He is blunt and to the point, but also with love and compassion which makes the session incredibly powerful, so you feel supported all the way through. My take-away? I left the session with huge sense of relief, like someone took a huge weight off my shoulders, and also empowered to make the changes I need. Most importantly, I left knowing I could count on Paulo in moving forward, that his love and mission in healing others will be with me wherever I am. I feel blessed having met him at The Spa Samui at a meditation class.
    Paulo, you were meant to be there and so was I! ☺
    Thank you so much!!

  • Daliah says:

    I had an instant shift following my treatment with Paulo. He also gives simple but very wise and ancient advice and gave me practical ways to bring myself back in to balance and alignment.

    As a “light worker’ myself I have found it hard to find someone that I can feel can carry my energy, whom I can really trust and relax with. Paulo fulfilled all three.
    To top it all of he is a really wonderful person and very real.
    Aloha and shalom!

    • Paulo says:

      my dear one many mahalos for your kind words it truly was very uplifting and special to experience your kindered spirit and i still would love to visit you and your husband at your detox center and spa i know that in your very being is goodness and the awareness to be all you can be many blessings of aloha and continue to know and learn the beauty of the spoken word of ” mystic prayer” a hui ho and sawadee krap paulo

  • danielle marshall says:

    It has now been a few months now since my healing session with Paulo. My life has shifted and changed incredibly since then. I truly believe that Paulos healing techniques have stayed with me through these passed months and helped me reshape my thinking and my life. I am able to see things clearer and with more love and compassion for myself and others. Thanks so much Danielle

  • Danielle M says:

    It has been over 3 months since seeing Paulo and participating in one of his amasing healing sessions. I truly believe that my life has taken a huge turn and shift due to Paulo’s healing wisdom and pure energy that radiates from his soul. I am blessed to have met Paulo. You are an amasing person

  • Denise says:

    I left Paulo’s session feeling more confident, free, and focused. I now feel more connected with my inner spirit, and am excited to begin attracting things most beneficial to my life. Thank you Paulo. I am so happy to have met you.

  • Bes says:

    When I came to Koh Samui in June, I was completely worn down by a year of struggling to come to terms with my purpose, my place, and my value in this world. I’d spent a year in a foreign country feeling alone and invisible. I felt lost and depleted. I am so blessed to have met Paulo, hear him speak at the Spa Samui, and then book a session with him. He spoke words into my life and into my mindset that I had forgotten and desperately needed to hear. There were also insights that I had never come across before. I left my time with Paulo feeling refreshed, alive, and beautiful. More than anything, I left feeling ready. Ready to tackle and love anything that comes my way and ready do it with joy and a smile.

    Thank you so much.

  • Heidi Rowe says:

    Wow !!
    I had the most amazing session with Paulo !
    I was intrigued after the talk to see what it was all about, so I booked it and went along following morning with an open mind,
    It was so empowering it dealt with my issues but so much more as well !
    Paulo was so generous with his time and knowledge I didn’t want it to end 🙂
    I’m so grateful that I met him

  • Angela Haines says:

    My session with Paulo was inspiring. He made me think and feel thoughts from a deeper and higher self. I felt incredibly relaxed and ‘connected’ after the session. A lot of negativity I feel was released which was much needed.
    Thank you so much for your spiritual guidance
    Angela from London, UK

  • Emi Faloughi says:

    What can I say… My session with Paulo was unexpected, powerful, rewarding and just plain brilliant!!!!! I feel so blessed. Your direct, simple and no nonsense approach has given me a structure I can actually put to use in my daily life. I can’t wait to see where this takes me (especially when I get home to Nigeria).

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  • Janet Spence says:

    Several weeks later, Paulo’s powerful energy during our session in Samui is still vivid in my mind. The insight from ancient wisdom was so relevant and the affirmation pertinent to my ongoing spiritual development. Thanks, I’m so grateful our paths crossed in 2012.

  • Maite N says:

    Paulo it is an amazing professional, that help me a lot to heal my life, he not only guides you, but also connect with your angels, and guides. Very intuitive and a huge heart, I recommend him with all my heart.

    After Thailand experience with him, my life in Geneva, will never be the same.Thank you Paulo!!

  • Paulo touched my heart deeply during a session I had with him. We were able to heal one of my core issues – “It is safe for me to take good care of myself.” As a healer, it is important for me to put myself first, which has not been easy for me to do. Thank you Paulo for this powerful gift!

    Your connection to Spirit is both powerful and rare. You are the heart, the hand and the voice of Spirit here on Earth!

  • I see Paul as dedicated to the healing & joy of people on the planet. He has been on this path for many years and it is his life. We met in Hawaii and he has truly been an inspiration to my life as well as to many others.
    He brings many different forms of healing to his work weather one on one, hands on healing, in groups on in the marriage ceremonies he performs.
    I feel blessed to have Paul in my life as a friend, healer and mentor.

  • Jo says:

    Thank you Paulo, for my wonderful spiritual experience. I came to your talk at the Spa with what I thought was a curious and open mind, but I feel like I’ve come so much further since that moment.

    The session with you was fun and insightful.

    I feel so excited about my future and love saying my affirmation.
    With love, thanks and a heart-to-heart hug!

  • mark meurs says:

    Paul, I appreciate your good work. You are truly connected!

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